Barnaby Joyce visits Sapphire Wind Farm construction

18 July 2017

Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce visited the Sapphire Wind Farm last week to inspect the progress of the $600 million Sapphire Wind Farm which is under construction near Glen Innes in New South Wales, Australia.

The project, currently seven months into the 18 month construction period, consists of 75 Vestas V126-3.6 MW Wind Turbine Generators and associated balance of plant civil and electrical infrastructure. Vestas the manufacturer and installer of the wind turbine generator equipment and Zenviron the constructor of the balance of plant infrastructure, formed a consortium to engineer, procure and construct (EPC) the 270MW project in December 2016.

Mr Joyce said he was particularly pleased with the local involvement with the project.

“Throughout the construction process the builder CWP Renewables has provided 200 full-time jobs during construction, all staying in the Glen Innes and Inverell communities spending approximately $600,000 in these communities each month,” said Mr Joyce.

Commenting on the recent visit, Zenviron EPC Consortium Manager Leigh Walters said “It is important to our success that the consortium provides as much opportunity to the local region, through both direct and indirect engagement. Zenviron and their subcontractors have focused on local business for materials supply, specialist trades skills, plant and equipment hire, consumables and also accommodation. Currently we are spending approximately $1.525m in the community each month, plus with approximately 42% of the workforce locally employed, it is a great opportunity to make the most of regional skills”.

Leigh went on to say, “The consortium also been working closely with the operator to develop innovative initiatives for a Community Engagement Strategy which will allow the Sapphire Wind Farm Project to provide a lasting, positive legacy for the whole of community, through various material and time investments, in the Glen Innes and Inverell communities. These include supporting small construction projects, mentoring and education programs for local schools and not-for-profit organisations.”


Our Vestas/Zenviron Consortium Manager Leigh Walters pictured left, with CWP CEO Alex CWP CEO Alex Hewitt, acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Zenviron GM Carl Keating, CWP Head of Development Ed Mounsey and CWP AM Project Manager Andrew Houston at one of the wind turbines under construction at the Sapphire Wind Farm near Glen Innes.


6 July 2017 

Zenviron with Vestas secure another wind farm

A consortium of Zenviron Pty Ltd (“Zenviron”) and Vestas – Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd (“Vestas”) has been awarded a contract for the delivery of the 54MW Salt Creek Wind Farm for Tilt Renewables.

Balance-of-Plant (BoP) specialists Zenviron will again partner with Vestas to execute the civil and electrical BoP works, while Vestas, a world-leader in wind energy solutions, will supply and install the 15 wind turbines.

Title Renewables released a statement last week that the Salt Creek Wind Farm Project will go ahead. Tilt Renewables stated the 54 MW wind farm has good investment fundamentals and is supported by proven technology and construction partners Vestas, Zenviron and AusNet Services; and a robust long-term operations and maintenance agreement.

This is another project in consortium between Vestas and Zenviron building on a successful partnership to deliver renewable wind projects to the market and a key win in Zenviron’s strategic planning to become the leading provider of Balance of Plant services to the renewable energy market.

7 April 2017

Zenviron gets airtime at Wind Industry Forum

Zenviron has featured at the recent Clean Energy Council Wind Industry Forum in Melbourne, taking part in a panel discussion and providing sponsorship for the forum’s catering.  The Wind Industry Forum is the only one of its kind held in Australia and brings wind industry specialists together to share their knowledge and work towards technical excellence in the local industry.

Engineering Manager Bruce Rummins delivered a presentation on ‘Supporting Wind Farm Development and Optimisation from a Contractor’s Perspective’ in which he outlined how early involvement by an experienced contractor could assist the delivery of a best practice wind farm and results in a significant reduction in total life cycle costs.